Tips To Help You Use Your Local Salvage Yard For Used Auto Parts

Posted on: 16 January 2018
Salvage yards, or junkyards, are an invaluable resource for vehicle replacement parts at a considerable savings. You can also sell to the junkyard an older vehicle you no longer need for some extra cash. Whether you have an old rusted vehicle or are repairing your current vehicle, here are some tips to help you utilize your local junkyard to buy and sell auto parts. Sell Your Vehicle When you have a vehicle that no longer runs, is too old to repair, or has been totaled out after an accident, your vehicle is considered useless to you.
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What To Know About Blown Car Fuses

Posted on: 10 January 2018
If you know your car, you ought to know when something is wrong. When you get the instinct that something is wrong with your car, your first step should be to take it to an auto repair shop, such as Dugan Oil and Tire. There comes a point when, as a car owner, you have to replace fuses in your car. A blown fuse is not dangerous per say if it is detected early, but it may just cause minor electrical problems.
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Three Ways To Provide Your Home With Curb Appeal During Winter

Posted on: 30 December 2017
Many American homeowners wait until spring or summer to put their homes on the market because that's when buyers tends to be more active. However, if you're facing an unexpected move or simply don't want to wait until spring to advertise your home for sale, it can't hurt to list it during winter. The usual curb appeal tactic of planting colorful flowers in planters and flowerbeds at the front of your home won't work, though -- and most home exteriors do tend to appear more drab during winter than at any other time.
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Don't Put That "Innie" My Audi! Reasons You Should Only Use Foreign Parts In Foreign Cars

Posted on: 22 December 2017
The Germans provided the world with modern auto engineering. The Japanese contributed high tech to car manufacturing. The Italians gave everyone gorgeous sports cars and affordable micro cars for everyday driving. There is just one catch to all of this; you cannot put foreign car parts in other makes and models of vehicles from other countries. It does not work. Here are some reasons why you should only use foreign car parts in the cars for which they were designed.
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