Tips To Help You Use Your Local Salvage Yard For Used Auto Parts

Posted on: 16 January 2018

Salvage yards, or junkyards, are an invaluable resource for vehicle replacement parts at a considerable savings. You can also sell to the junkyard an older vehicle you no longer need for some extra cash. Whether you have an old rusted vehicle or are repairing your current vehicle, here are some tips to help you utilize your local junkyard to buy and sell auto parts.

Sell Your Vehicle

When you have a vehicle that no longer runs, is too old to repair, or has been totaled out after an accident, your vehicle is considered useless to you. Fortunately, you may be able to sell your vehicle to a local junkyard for some cash. Although the vehicle is not usable as a full, running vehicle, it still has many parts and pieces that can be placed on another vehicle.

Most junkyards will buy your old or non-running vehicle, which they can place on their lot and keep as stock for used parts. Depending on the type of vehicle, its age, and the vehicle's condition, the junkyard will pay you a specific price for the vehicle and its salvageable parts.

If, for example, your vehicle has been in a crash and half the vehicle has been squashed, you may not get very much to sell it to a salvage yard, as there are not many parts that can be taken off and reused on another vehicle for replacement parts. And, if your vehicle's engine has blown and all the rest of the vehicle still has running parts, you may get more cash from the salvage yard for it.

Buy Used Parts

A junkyard in your area is a great resource for you when you need a replacement part for your vehicle and don't want to pay full price for a brand new part. Check out your local salvage junkyard for their selection.

Most salvage yards will have a record of each vehicle they have in their yard and what parts are available. They can check their computerized database to find out if it is available. It is important you take the tools necessary to remove the part and wear appropriate clothing and work gloves to keep you save while walking through the yard.

Once you have found the item you need and have removed it from the vehicle, take it to the salvage yard office and pay for it. The price of the part will vary, according to its type and age. For example, if you need to pick a passenger side mirror, it will cost less than if you need to pick an entire front passenger seat motor.