Changes To Your Vehicle Indicating The Car Transmission Parts Need Repairs

Posted on: 29 March 2022

Unless you are an avid car enthusiast, you probably do not think much about your car's transmission system and its respective components. As long as your vehicle is operational, you could be under the impression that this system is operating at optimum. But this is not always the case. The moment the transmission system is extensively damaged, you will not be able to drive your car, as it will not be receiving the power it needs to function.

However, you should know that some signs of looming trouble with this system can be isolated to specific car transmission parts. Therefore, it is your responsibility to identify the onset of trouble, so that you can visit a mechanic at your earliest convenience. Keep reading for a few changes to your vehicle indicating the car transmission parts need repairs.

Trouble Operating the Gears

Whether your vehicle is outfitted with a manual or an automatic transmission, shifting gears should be an effortless process. Thus, once you start experiencing any resistance when shifting from one gear to the next, or if you find that the gears have developed a mind of their own and are slipping spontaneously, you should be concerned about a transmission issue that requires professional expertise. Most commonly, you will start to have trouble operating the gears when your car has sprung a transmission leak.

The less fluid available in the system, the more friction between the gears, making it challenging for you to switch between gears without contending with some degree of resistance. It is also worth noting that a transmission fluid leak also increases the likelihood of the gears, and the transmission system, overheating. To avoid damage to other car transmission parts, it is essential that you seek repairs promptly.

Unsettling Vibrations When Accelerating

As mentioned earlier, the transmission system is responsible for transferring the power needed for your vehicle to move. Therefore, although strange vibrations in your car can crop up due to an array of reasons, dealing with this issue when accelerating your car should alert you to the fact that your transmission system could be in jeopardy. A typical reason why you may begin to experience unsettling vibrations when accelerating your vehicle is when car transmission parts such as the input and output have been compromised.

These shafts are outfitted with bearings, which are susceptible to loosening or acquiring damage over time. Once this occurs, the input and output shafts cannot operate in tandem and this leads to intense vibrations when accelerating your car. You must see a mechanic to retighten or replace these damaged bearings urgently before additional car transmission parts start to fail.

For more information on car transmission parts, contact a specialist.