Increasing The Handling And Braking Of Your Performance Car With A Brake Conversion

Posted on: 15 October 2021

Factory performance cars often leave the manufacturer with engines and drivetrains that are down-tuned and leave room for more performance. Adding a performance front disc brake conversion kit, for instance, can significantly improve the braking and handling of your performance car.

Performance Brakes

Most performance cars leave the factory with brakes that are adequate for street driving, but if you want to add performance parts and take the car to the track, the stock brakes may not be up to the job. Installing a performance front brake conversion kit can make stopping easier while providing better performance when driving into a corner on a winding road track.

The available kits offer varying amounts of parts, and in some cases, you may need to upgrade other parts in the system to work with the performance parts in the conversion kit. Wheels and tires can become a concern because the new parts may be physically larger than the stock ones, and the increase in braking performance may mean you need a tire with more grip than the stock one provides. 

Because the front brakes provide more braking than the rear, installing a performance front disc brake conversion kit offers the most benefit, but you may also need to add better pads to the rear brakes to ensure the system is balanced and the braking remains smooth and consistent.

Kit Contents To Consider

The performance front brake conversion kit for your vehicle typically includes larger brake rotors that are drilled and vented to allow airflow and better cooling. The cooling helps reduce rotor warp and makes it easier for the pads to grip it and slow down the car. 

Heat can cause glazing on the brake pads, so keeping the rotors in an optimal temperature range is essential to brake performance. The brake pads that come with the kit should be matched to the rotors so they will perform at their peak, but often they are softer than standard pads, increasing the wear and reducing the lifespan of the brake pads

Calipers are also critical, and most disc brake calipers use a single piston to push the pads out to grip the rotor. Performance conversion kits often change those calipers to four-piston calipers that move the brake pads evenly and grip the rotor firmly when braking. The increase in stopping performance will be noticeable the first time you step on the brakes after they are installed. 

There are kits available with two-piston calipers and some with six-piston calipers, so check the options available for your car before purchasing one. If you are not sure which ones offer you the best performance for your driving situation, talk with the dealer to get more information.