4 Reasons To Convert Your Classic Restoration Project To Fuel Injection

Posted on: 3 April 2018

If you are doing a classic car renovation, there are many things to consider, such as custom improvements that help improve performance. One of the easiest and most beneficial upgrades that are available today are fuel injection conversions, which give you benefits like easier starting, improved power and fuel economy, to name just a few. Here are some of the reasons why you will want to consider fuel injection conversions for your classic car restoration project:

1. Consistent Reliability from Modern Fuel Injection Systems   

One of the problems with conventional carburetors is that you do not know how your car is going to act when you start it in the morning. Fuel injection systems eliminate many of the problems with starting and make your car more reliable, which is great if you plan on driving your finished restoration project regularly or even using it to for your daily commute to work.

2. Fine Tuning to Maximize Power Output and Performance

To adjust a conventional carburetor, you must adjust screws, test drive and make more adjustments. This can make it difficult to fine tune your care to maximize performance. With fuel injection systems, adjustments to the fuel delivery system can be done easily, and some systems even allow to have different preset adjustments to easily change settings for different driving conditions, such as for road or daily commute, or settings for testing performance on a race track.

3. Maximize Performance and Fuel Economy of Older Cars

Old cars with carburetors can sometimes burn rich, which means that the engine is getting too much fuel, and some is wasted. With fuel injection conversion, your car gets the precise amount of fuel to maximize fuel economy without sacrificing performance. One thing that is important to remember is that there are more fuel lines with injection systems, that need to be sized correctly. Get your lines from a hydraulic hose service to ensure your car has the right size fuel lines for these upgrades.

4. Better Response When You Put Your Foot on The Gas Pedal

When you step on the gas pedal with a carburetor, it takes time for the ports on the throttle body to open and the gas to start flowing. With a fuel injection system, this all happens in an instant, which gives you better response and improved performance.

These are some of the reasons why fuel injection conversion should be one of the priorities of your auto restoration project. If you are planning on upgrading your car to fuel injection, contact a hydraulic hose service such as Williams Oil Filter Service Co. to make sure you get the right fuel lines for the kit you are planning on using.