What To Know About Blown Car Fuses

Posted on: 10 January 2018

If you know your car, you ought to know when something is wrong. When you get the instinct that something is wrong with your car, your first step should be to take it to an auto repair shop, such as Dugan Oil and Tire. There comes a point when, as a car owner, you have to replace fuses in your car. A blown fuse is not dangerous per say if it is detected early, but it may just cause minor electrical problems. An auto repair shop should have an electrician, who will be able to identify the blown fuse and have it replaced for you. If you are a handy person, you may just be able to get the fuse changed yourself.

Why does a fuse blow?

A fuse may blow if there is a problem with the computer system that operates on your car. In this instance, you would need to go to a certified and trained mechanic to diagnose the issue for you. Another reason a fuse may blow is if it was replaced before with one that was a higher amperage or one that was bad. Some fuses may have just reached the length of their useful life and need to be replaced. Finally, there could be a problem with the car part that the fuse services. Broken radiators will repeatedly blow fuses, so you might want to have a mechanic look at the car in a holistic way before simply replacing a fuse.

Failed electrical component

A fuse is described as blown when the connectors melt. Blown fuses must be replaced because they can be indicative of a serious problem. For instance, they could mean that there is a problem with the circuit. There could be a fault that may cause other fuses to fail as well. The insulation can be damaged and cause a short circuit. In some instances, there could be an increase of current to the fuse, causing it to "blow".


A fuse's job is to prevent fire. If a fuse is blown, then how can it prevent electrical fire to your vehicles? If a cable overheats in the panel, this generally causes a fire. But sometimes the fuse's wire melts and prevents the cable from heating and burning itself. Auto repair is very important, especially if you want to preserve your vehicle. Electrical fires are difficult to put out, so if a fuse is blown in your vehicle and you do not have the time to get it checked out, you should consider keeping a fire extinguisher in your car.