Three Ways To Provide Your Home With Curb Appeal During Winter

Posted on: 30 December 2017

Many American homeowners wait until spring or summer to put their homes on the market because that's when buyers tends to be more active. However, if you're facing an unexpected move or simply don't want to wait until spring to advertise your home for sale, it can't hurt to list it during winter. The usual curb appeal tactic of planting colorful flowers in planters and flowerbeds at the front of your home won't work, though -- and most home exteriors do tend to appear more drab during winter than at any other time. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that your home looks as good as possible to prospective buyers even during winter when planting flowers isn't an option. 

Following are three things you can do to ensure that your home puts its best face forward. 

Add Outdoor Lighting 

Short, dark days cover everything in a layer of gloom, but the right kind of outdoor illumination provides bright accents that keep the gloom at bay. Ground-level lighting provides definition for pathways, and evergreen specimen plantings can be backlit in order to show them off. If you decide to put holiday lights on the outside of your home, keep them simple and tasteful, and don't let them linger after the holidays are over. Prospective homeowners won't be impressed by Christmas displays at the end of January. 

Repair Garage Doors

Garage doors that aren't quite up to par are easier to overlook during the spring and summer months when there's more going on as far as curb appeal, but they tend to stand out in winter. Having them repaired provides your home exterior a solid appearance -- and although it might not even register on a conscious level, a garage door in poor repair is simply going to drag down the visual appeal of the rest of the home.

This may also be the time to have your garage door upgraded to work with state-of-the-art technology that connects the garage door to the Cloud. This allows users to have alerts when they've accidentally left the door open in the morning, for instance, and lets them close it remotely using their smartphone. 

Keep Gutters Clear and Clean 

It can be easy to neglect caring for your gutters once winter starts in earnest, especially if you've given them a good cleaning after the majority of leaves fell from your trees. However, residual leaves, pine needles, and other vegetative debris can accumulate in gutters during the winter months and generate an overall rundown appearance. 

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