Don't Put That "Innie" My Audi! Reasons You Should Only Use Foreign Parts In Foreign Cars

Posted on: 22 December 2017

The Germans provided the world with modern auto engineering. The Japanese contributed high tech to car manufacturing. The Italians gave everyone gorgeous sports cars and affordable micro cars for everyday driving. There is just one catch to all of this; you cannot put foreign car parts in other makes and models of vehicles from other countries. It does not work. Here are some reasons why you should only use foreign car parts in the cars for which they were designed.

French Cars Are Unlike Anything Else

A car brand that practically symbolizes France is brand that has taken car design and mechanical operations in directions the rest of the world refused to go. As such, there is no way you can take car parts from other vehicles and make them fit to this brand of vehicle. It absolutely will not work. If you buy this French car, only French car parts can go into it. 

German Cars Revamp Engines Frequently

Even in the world of foreign cars and foreign parts, you cannot always count on the parts fitting newer models. The Germans revamp the engine designs of their vehicles every few years, which means that the engine in a make and model of car from five years ago will not be able to take parts from the same make and model that exists now. The one upshot here is that the German manufacturers see to it that there are lots of spare aftermarket parts to fix whatever German brand of car you own.

The Japanese and Korean Technology Is Constantly Leaping Ahead

All of those dash computers, self-driving buttons, voice commands, and other high-tech items in cars now seem so futuristic. However, ten years from now, that technology will seem so utterly frivolous and outdated. Each company tries to keep ahead of the other with something bigger, better, grander, and more fantastic. You cannot take the dash computers and their wiring and transplant them from a Japanese or Korean car and put them in an American car unless you can a) make it fit, and b) adapt it to the American way of building automobiles.

Some of the Japanese and Korean companies opted to share their auto tech, which means you will see it built into American-built vehicles. Taking it out of one of the foreign vehicles to place it in an American vehicle with similar tech will not work. Any tech shared between countries is often modified just enough so that it cannot be duplicated entirely. Foreign car parts from a company like Duval Auto Parts will fit the bill.